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Canli sekis kilipleri. Before the wedding healed – soothed Colonel still sobbing daughter.

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- What wedding? She was already – ceased to roar daughter, staring at his father a puzzled look.

- Here we are now more precise. So what do we do now, zyatek? – Colonel turned to the officer.

- What do you want with me, but with this bitch I will not live! – Decisively snapped one.
- Alexander the Great was also a great military leader, but why shoot a pistol? – Colonel sehidnichal to remake on the move a phrase from a famous movie.

- And you, young man, since you have dared to destroy a happy marriage of my beloved daughter, you must consider how you will support their families – turned Colonel Valentin.
- What next?. – He began, but scowl Colonel realized that now is better to keep silent. Canli sekis kilipleri.

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