F r e e s e x.

F r e e s e x. Thanks Alexanderdoctor.
- But it’s me you brought with him!

- And nevertheless it, let’s not blame everything on the heap. Leave something for the next toast, and now I want to have a drink for you!

- How clever! You probably have decided to make a drunkard?

Well, the first toast as your host.

- And you married? – Said Valery munching a sandwich.
- Yes.

- How long?
- For eight years.
- Eight years?!

- And that you so surprised?
- Are you just got married in ten years?

- Ha ha ha – Kate laughed, blushing with pleasurethanks for the compliment, but I got married at twenty.
- So you are now 28? F r e e s e x.

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